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Ray Butler

02-01-2019, 19:04

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Firstly may I thank you and everyone concerned in providing this site and for the installation of the Memorial site. My interest is of a personal one in that my mother, Bertha Butler (nee Williams) was born in Montgomery, My father was L.A.C. Francis (Frank) Butler and his name appears on the towns Roll of Honour. As Mentioned my Mother was born in Montgomery and her mother was a Mrs Davies, this was her second marriage her first being Williams. My grandmother lived in Rowes Cottages on the end, next to the Tanner Family I also remember the Maddox Family living on the other far end. Our family the Butlers, lived in Clive House in Chirbury Road next door to the Robinsons.

My father died in Dec 1944 at Evesham Military Hospital, some 3 months later my mother passed away, we younger members of the family John, Ken, Sheila and myself (Ray), were all sent to aunts and uncles, this was in 1945. My two older sisters, Edith and June were able to take care of themselves. Sadly I
> must confess I know nothing or very little of my mother or fathers history. My Grandmother was a Pritchard of Hendomen, (of course many, many moons ago).
Hope this is of some interest, Regards, Ray Butler.

Barry Lord

02-01-2019, 19:02

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Firstly, we wanted to say how much we have enjoyed looking through this website, which offers a deserved tribute to the men of Montgomery who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars.

In the information about Private William Lloyd Jones, you make reference to 'Belle Vue', the home of his grandfather, Thomas Evans, and childhood home of his mother, Penelope, and add that it is now difficult to identify where this was due to there no longer being a house in Arthur Street of that name. We thought you might be interested to know that 'Belle Vue' is our house, now known as 'Belmont', situated at the bottom of Arthur Street behind Chapel Place. Thomas Evans' son and daughter were living at 'Belle Vue' in April 1911 and left at some point between then and March 1913, when, according to information forming part of the deeds of our house, Charles Statham leased the house from the Earl of Powis for an initial period of 21 years.

Charles and his wife, Evelyn, eventually bought the house, still known as 'Belle Vue', in March 1956 and by July 1956, again shown by documents forming part of the deeds, had changed the name to 'Belmont'.



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